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Final Paper: Convince Me!/The Break-Up
(This document is 2 pages long. Please review both pages)
For your final paper, you must convince me that you learned in this class. How? Keep reading….
Watch the film, “The Break-Up” (starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston). This film displays every concept we have learned about:
The Communication Process, Conflict, Nonverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, Perception and more.
You may rent this if you like. But, you may view the film for free on the NCC Library Database, “Swank Films”. Here is the link: How should I approach this paper?
Good question! Here’s my suggestion. Browse through the lectures/lessons from the course to refresh your memory. While you’re watching the movie, have a notebook in front of you. As you see scenes that cause you to think about lessons, jot down a bit about the scene and what lesson, concept, or theory came to mind when you watched it. When you’re done watching the movie, go back to your lectures and think more critically about these connections and make your notes more complete.
Now what?
Once you’ve done this, you have a basis for your paper. Now it’s time to formalize it a bit. Below are the requirements of the paper. So, you will now have to put everything together to do the following:

Write an introductory paragraph that gives an overview of the concepts/theories that you will be applying to the movie.
Use at least 2 concepts/theories learned in the lectures/lessons/textbook.
Apply these concepts to one or more scenes in the movie.
Please be sure to give a brief summary of the scene to which you are referring (I’ve seen the movie many times before. Please don’t write more than a paragraph explaining the scene).
Now, by using those great critical thinking…...

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