The Cognitive Preferences of Successful Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

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Entrepreneurship Research, April 2008

KC Lim

Abstract 1. Introduction a. b. The Continuing and Evolving Research on Entrepreneurs The Importance of Successful Entrepreneurship Today and Tomorrow 3 4 4 5

2. Literature Review a. Introduction i. Definition of Entrepreneurs Previous Areas of Entrepreneurship Research i. Personality Traits • Motivation • Risk Propensity and Uncertainty ii. Cognition • Intention and Opportunity Seeking • Innovation iii. Population Ecology c. Topic for this Study/Theoretical Framework i. The Broad Research Problem

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3. Hypothesis for Research a. Hypothesis Statements 4. Methodology 5. Analysis of Survey Data a. b. Data Compilation Analysis & Findings i. Background Data of Respondents ii. Findings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Cognition in Basic Business Areas Do Emotions Figure? Preferences for Source of Funds Preferences in Knowledge Acquisition More Specific Business Aspects i. Holding Company Together ii. Growth Factors iii. Continual Growth

. HELP University College, 28 October 2009

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Entrepreneurship Research, April 2008

KC Lim

6. Limitations 7. Recommendations 8. Conclusion 9. Appendix 10. References

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. HELP University College, 28 October 2009

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Entrepreneurship Research, April 2008

KC Lim

Abstract This paper presents the findings of a general opinion survey on successful small entrepreneurs in Malaysia and some of the factors (both psychological and external) that may account for their levels of success in the running of their ventures. The focus is on the cognitions of these successful entrepreneurs on the business and management aspects in the running of their ventures. The objective is to cover a broad overview on the cognitive preferences of these successful…...

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