The Commanding Heights

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The Commanding Heights

After World War I broke through, people in the world feared globalization. Ignorance was taking over people, fearing of what they didn’t know. They were skeptical, specially when terrorist attacks and depressions begin to happen. What people needed, and some still do, is to understand that globalization doesn’t make is dependent but interdependent.
After War World II, the world economy was down as well as the trust people had in their governments.

Governments and the marketplace both wanted to take over and reinvent the world’s economic order. The main question everyone wanted, and needed to know was “Which one is the best option? Which is the best style of economy for our economy and the rest the world? Which one is the best for every country, understanding that globalization was something that was meant to happen?

John Maynard Kaynes was an educated, unconventional English man.
He thought the government was there to defend people’s freedom. After going to school in Cambridge, he became friends with artists and economists. He made a fortune in the stock market, lost it all but made it all back again. He was a with the business man, people in congress and helping the government out by analyzing and giving solutions on how to organize and manage their economy. Later on in his life, Friedman, who had strong critiques on Keynes’ ideas of the government being a protector of the people and their freedom, made him step back, re-thinking his theories and struggling to come back out with his ideas intended to help the economy.
When Keynes finally published his book on how to fight the depression, he became one of the most influential economists of his age, and he still is today.
In his book, he explains that the government should spin against the wind. In good times they should reduce their spending, and build surpluses, and in the bad…...

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