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The Duality

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The Duality

This weak and fragile girl is a symbol of the earth and also an indication of the light and the darkness of the world. She represents the increase in the corruption of nature and the last bits of purity that still remain in our world today. The girl is powerless and delicate just like how our world is getting weaker and more exhausted. The strong and beautiful world we once knew is now vulnerable just like the young girl in the picture. As the thorns of corruption bind her, trap her, and hurt her, the petals of the last flower she is holding onto in the darkness tumble to the ground in failure.
As the thorns climb up her bruised left arm and neck, a tear of blood trickles down her face with a numb heart. The money illustrates how people in society have been blinded and controlled by it, and how they no longer care for the environment because greed has over come their lifestyles. The smoke and fumes from the factories represent the pollution that people do not care enough to fix, and it corrupts our innocent world.
The right side of the girl is an illustration of how there is still faith in humanity, and how the world still has hope to be honest and pure. But at the same time, greed and self-centeredness are slowly shifting towards her right, and it is overtaking the good in the world. The flowers on the branches are fading when they touch the evil side. The money that is fluttering down takes on the role of the thieves of virtue in society.
Why is it that honesty, integrity, and the valuable aspects of life are being taken over by the materialistic and worthless aspects of life? How is it that people can just watch our world be bullied and beaten? How is it that people can stare into those helpless, tear filled eyes and watch the thorns pierce into our world?…...

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