The Effect Climate Change Has on a Species

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17 July 2013
The Effect Climate Change has on a Species
As Earth’s climate cycles between warm and cool periods, species often must move to stay within suitable conditions. Scientists have now mapped how fast species have had to migrate in the past to keep up with changing climate. They found that small-ranged species – which constitute much of Earth’s biodiversity – are concentrated in regions where little migration has been required (Science daily). With people activities and habits, are changing their climates at an extremely fast past. What happens if a species cannot migrate as fast as it must to keep up with the velocity of climate change? Its range may shrink and, in some cases, the species may go extinct (Science daily).
This research provides the first evidence that past regional climate shifts interact with local topography and species dispersal abilities with long-lasting important consequences for the global distribution of biodiversity (Science daily). Earth’s climate 21,000 years ago was much colder than it is today, this caused many of the species that are still found today to occupy different areas than they do now. In northern Europe, for example, many of the species found today are relatively recent arrivals from their refuges in southern Europe (Science daily).
Many regions to include most of Africa and parts of the Amazon are going some of the leading places that are going through the most increased climate-change. These areas are expected to increase extremely rapid over the next 70 years. These areas, by virtue of their historically low velocities, have high concentrations of small-ranged species. These species will likely be at particular risk as velocities increase over the next several decades (Science daily). A team of ecologists and computer scientists have asked how fast species around the world have had to migrate to…...

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