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The Effects of Philosophy from the Renaissance to the Modern Age Era

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The Effects of Philosophy From The Renaissance to the Modern Age Era

Philosophy for most of Europe was latent throughout the entire Middle Ages which lasted nearly nine centuries. Medieval Philosophy was the only recognized and practiced philosophy during that time period. There were individuals during the Medieval time period that tried to preach different philosophies, however it was not something that was encouraged. If someone tried speaking publicly about a different way of life or theory on life, they were usually brutally chastised. When the Church began to restore power it helped to the “rebirth” of philosophy. Towards the late Middle Ages and beginning of the Renaissance era, there were several very influential philosophers’ starting to rise such as Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2012). It was philosophers like these men that contributed towards the rebirth of philosophy. The Church did have some involvement in this movement as well. It was then that the Churches began to rise against foreign enemies and stand up for their selves. They started to break out of the orthodox way of life they were used to. The Church showed people that there is still hope. That is when people started to bestow their selves in the Church and grasped on to the thought of change. Once people started to think for themselves, they began to realize there is more to life, and life may actually have a purpose. That is where philosophy began to take center stage again and rise up many say. It started to spread all over Europe and eventually many people who went on to be legendary philosophers began to receive mass amounts of attention and followers. The Renaissance also began the scientific revolution. The discoveries and theories that philosophers were making had a lasting impact on the entire world, especially the…...

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