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Big Question * How do different colas break down the enamel on our teeth? * Which Cola is the most corrosive to our teeth?
Hypothesis and Explanation * If an egg shell is put in cola, then the egg shell will become discolored and thin. It will be broken down because of the sugars, carbonation, and acid. The cola will have a similareffect on human teeth as it does on the egg shells. My Interesting Facts * Soda discolors our teeth. * Soda wears away the enamel on your teeth and makes them weak. * The Coca Cola left a film in the jar. * Phosphoric acid is also found in milk, meats, and grains. * Phosphoric acid has very little effect on our teeth. * The saliva in our mouth helps neutralize the acid in the soda, therefore acid has littleeffect on our teeth.
Materials Needed and Instructions for the Experiment * Materials: * 5 egg shells. Wash and cleaned of the egg whites and yokes * 5 mason jars with lids 5 cola brands. * Coca Cola * Dr. Pepper * Pepsi * Diet Coke * Big K Cola * Masking tape to label each jar. * Log book.

This is how I conducted the experiment. I began by pouring one can of each of the sodas into each of the mason jars. Then I had my mom crack five eggsand wash out the egg whites and yokes. I then placed each of the shells into each of the five colas. I put a lid on each of the jars to help keep out any extra germs in the air. I then daily opened the jars and carefully and observed each of the egg shells to look for changes in their colors and to see if any holes or cracks had formed from being in the soda. I observed the shells for one week and daily entered the results into a log book.
Constant Variable * Adding the same amount of soda to each Mason jar. * One egg shell…...

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