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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Media is everywhere, it became a part of our life. We are exposed to thousands of ad messages every day and it's hard to imagine how it would feel to live without them constantly surrounding us. Today we see ads in print publications, TV commercials, emails, on different products, massively scattered in sport venues, and it’s even spreading into public spaces. In his documentary, Morgan Spurlock delivered a fascinating satire of the process of placing products into movies and tried to delve into the nature of advertising in our society. In the movie Spurlock talks about product marketing while using product placement to get brands to sponsor his movie. Of course, some of the brands (Guess, Harmel Foods, Ford, Nike, Red Bull,etc.) refuse his request to sponsor his endeavor and take part in the movie. Spurlock's reputation doesn't seem good enough for them, they are scared that being featured in this movie is going to damage their brand image. But brands, who want to be considered transparent or playful probably will be interested in sponsoring such a film. Some of the companies that agreed to sponsor the movie are Hyatt, POM Wonderful, Mini Cooper, JetBlue. They were taking risks, considering the fact that Spurlock was the man behind “Supersize Me” documentary, but overall I think it worked out well for them. Besides, Spurlock made sure that his brands were a good match for his movie. He analyzed his brand personality and then made sure the companies share that image as well.
I think there were some good subjects and issues addressed in this movie. I like the idea of having a city without different media banners and posters like they did in Brazil. Another idea that I liked was the idea of writing “advertisement” at the bottom to show that you are being exposed to an ad. I feel like movie producers wouldn’t use so much advertisement…...

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