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The Ideals of Sex Du=Rugs and Money

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Chandler Arthur
Research- Judith Brotman
12 October 1, 2012
Mid-Term Reflection

Since Research started, I think that I’m doing relatively well. Participation wise, I think that I could try a little harder when it comes to the critiques. I usually start out strong, and by the end of the day, I feel like people get a little tired of my opinions so I start to get a little quiet. But mainly, I feel like my participation in Research is pretty good. As far as the class goes, I think I’m doing well because I hand in everything on time, and my critiques are typically good.
My strength in this class is definitely time management. I have small projects as the week goes on, but my Core and Research classes typically have the biggest assignments of all my classes. Therefore, I try and spend the most time on them. I usually sketch out what I plan to do over the weekend, and start the following Monday. Even if its just a basic sketch, I like to progressively do my projects so I’m not stuck with the entire project the night before. I think that because I’m also working with materials that are new to me, I need to learn how to use them better so when it comes down to the actual project, its not an experiment that I’m showing the class.
I think the main things that I need to work on is critiquing and having more confidence in the things I do. I always feel weird critiquing and saying negative things about someone else’s piece, especially when I’m not particularly comfortable or confident with mine. I think with critiques, I should start becoming a little bit more comfortable with telling someone that something doesn’t look as good as they might think. I also feel odd with disagreeing with someone else’s opinion sometimes because I don’t want to offend anybody. In regards to confidence in my own work, I feel like I need to start agreeing with some of the things that I’m being told. Because so far my critiques have been pretty well, but I don’t always agree with everyone because I might have personal issues with the painting or drawing that I did. I also think that I should try and broaden my horizons when it comes to medium and materials that I use in my projects. I think I’ve gotten to pen and paper happy because those are the cheapest and easiest to obtain.…...

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