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Communications Impacts
In the past the manual and verbal method of communication was the norm on all aspects of our lives. Communications mediums have changed beyond recognition with the advancement of Technology.

In this essay I will provide an overview of three forms of Technology:
Mobile Phone, the Internet, the E-Mail.
I will also explain current development in C/T and discuss the role of legislation on the industry.

Mobile Technology:
Mobile Technology is the technology used for cellular communication. They come into use in 1990’s. When first introduced, it way a luxury item, today it is viewed as an essential to our existence.
Old mobile technology consisted of a large handset, battery and signal difficulties and was very expensive.
Since the start of this millennium a standard mobile device has gone. Today mobile are slim line, cheaper and can perform of many functions:
Personal Mobile use: * To call * To Text * Camera functions * Games * Alarm * Email * Internet * Calendar * App Store

Business use: * To communications with staff, customers/business partners

Advantages of Mobile Technology: * 24/7/365 contact * Accessible at all time * Variety of services available via any mobile * Mobile Marketing reaches new and existing customers * Sending out special offers and tracking responses. * GPS in phone can help to locate hard-to-find places and be on time for appointments.

Disadvantages: * No escape from its demands * Health risks * Bullying * Hacking problems * Costs * Lack of information control * Privacy issues * Safety issues
This completes my overview of mobile Technology.
For the purposes of this essay:
The Internet is a global system of…...

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