The Individual and the Environment Paper

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Early Release Code of Ethics
Shannon Early
University of Phoenix
PHL/323 Ethic in Management
Jerry Wisdom
November 21, 2012

Early Release 1 The primary vision of Early Release Bail Bondsman Services is to set the guidelines for excellent, quality bail bondsman services and to be the organization that employs by choice not force. We aim to accommodate assistance for a wide range of people and to provide a positive character to future clients. Our daily objective is to arrange an honest, safe and fast atmosphere that assists the emotional and physical demands of a quick release for our customers. Through our affiliation with the community, we concentrate on maintaining a consistent and respectful relationship and to provide positive role models for our society. There are millions of people, relatives, and companies that we assist with the understanding that they will be treated equally and fairly, communicate straightforwardly and make honest, clear, ethical judgments to satisfy the needs of the family. The expectations are the core of who we are and what we do and is very important to the excellence of services that are provided. Early Release Bail Bondsman’s Code of Ethics is established in our importance of core values and summarizes the company’s policies and beliefs, as well as personal and professional leadership that every employee is required to utilize and uphold. The code determines the influence of how we conduct our business as we aim to provide and build a stronger more effective relationship with our customers. The Code of Ethics for Early Release Bail Bondsman Services applies to each and every employee that has accepted employment with our company. Everyone is responsible for maintaining our high ethical guidelines as we continue to achieve our Early Release 2 goals and responsibilities. The…...

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