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The Influence of Two Contrasting Economic Environments Apple

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Economic Environments on Business Activities
Task 4
Your local magazine plans to publish a follow-up article to the first one, which was well accepted. In this article, you will need to choose one of the two organisations from your initial article and compare it with an organisation from another industry. This requires you to research a different economic environment and to look at one business from that industry. This business with then be compared with your local business. * Draw up a table of economic data for your local organisations and one other contrasting economic environment. * Choose at least two economic topics and collect relevant data from two different industries example GDP, retail sales, inflation and interest rates. * Using the data collected in your table, describe the influence of two contrasting economic environments (i.e. the economic data collected) on business activities within your selected organisations.
Economic Environment
An economic environment is the factors that have effects on the working of the business. This will include the system, policies and the nature of the economy, economic resources, level of income, distribution of income, trade cycles and wealth.
The gross domestic product or the gross domestic income (GDI) is one of the measures of national income and output. It is defined in 3 ways which gives identical results. 1. It is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country throughout the year. 2. It is equal to the sum of the value added at every stage of the production by all the industries. 3. It is equal to the sum of the income generated by production like compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports less subsidies, and gross operating surplus.

Economic data in the UAE
United Arab Emirates has the second largest economy in the Arab world…...

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