The Land Before Time

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Alex Vahhaji
Comm 3561 Interpersonal Communications
Dr. Vangelis
Reflection Essay Chapter 12
Promoting Dialogue

Chapter 12 discusses the concept of dialogue. It is described as a kind or quality of communication that happens when the people involved are present to each other as persons. In order for dialogue to occur the interaction must be unique, reflective, choosing, valuing, thinking-and-feeling beings. It is synonymous with interpersonal communication discussed in chapter 12. One concept within dialogue that I was able to reflect on was the idea of letting the other happen to me. I did this while I was in Europe last summer. When I was with my aunt who I do not know very well I let her culture influence me. We come from different cultures and hers is different then mine. She was born in Iran and has lived in Paris, France for many years. Her life was much simpler then mine and she was more drawn to simple things and beauty then other materialistic things. She acted as my tour guide while I was in Paris and I was able to connect to her interpersonally because I “let her happen to me”. Although we did not speak the same language we were able to connect to one another, and learn from one another in a way that was very interpersonal. It was a unique experience in which I believe has helped me make of my recent decisions regarding what I want to do after I graduate. The book defines letting the other happen to me as you allow who they are— especially their differences from you— to touch, connect with, and influence you. That is exactly what me happened between my aunt and my communication while I was in Europe. Another big idea in chapter 12 was the five crucial elements of dialogue: listening with care, speaking respectfully, sharing airtime, learning about others’ perspectives, and reflecting on one’s own views. An example of this was when I had the…...

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