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Philadelphia Movie Review

I think the movie was okay, not something I would have watched on my own. This movie shows how one is discriminated against because of his disease. Discrimination comes in all kinds of forms, from racism, gender, age and more. I am not sure how this really fits into this period, other than it was in the early 80’s when people started to learn about aids. Homosexuals started coming out of the closet as they say. You had to be afraid to be gay because you would be persecuted for your sexual orientation. Everyone thought Aids was just related to the gay community, but it was also from doing drugs with someone that had the disease. Sharing needles from during heroin with someone that was a carrier. Therefore, here is my take on the movie.

Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) is one of Philadelphia's most promising lawyers. He is the hot rookie and hired by a top law firm headed by Charles Wheeler (Jason Robards). Andy is also gay and dying from AIDS. When the physical signs of the disease begin to manifest themselves, the firm gets cold on Andy and he is out of a job. They tell him it is because he has an attitude problem and his work is mediocre, but Andy knows it is more personal than that. After no other law firm will take his case for unfair dismissal, his last resort is old adversary Joe Miller (Denzel Washington). Joe, a homophobe with an innate fear of AIDS, is reluctant to take the case also because of his personal reasons, but after seeing Andy humiliated in a public library, cannot resist standing his corner with him.

You can see immediately why Hollywood took this film to their heart. In typical Hollywood fashion, they cannot resist the temptation to dumb the issue down to make it easier to sell. It's a difficult thing sometimes, criticizing a film like 'Philadelphia' as it leaves the critic open to accusations of…...

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