The Movie “Up in the Air”

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Business Communication
The Movie “Up In the Air”
Ryan, the main character in this movie works for a career transition counseling center. He flies all over the country downsizing. In other words, he gets a pay check to fire people. Ryan is flying around the US the majority of the year, which he feels is the best part of his job. He has a goal to accumulate a certain amount of frequent flyer miles without using them. He also has a job giving speeches on relieving emotional and physical baggage. He travels with only one carry-on suitcase. He believes the more you have materialistic wise the more your weighed down. He is single and is not really close to anyone throughout the first part of the movie. But then a new young overachieving woman is hired through the same company and Ryan feels threatened. The woman's name is Natalie. She recommends that the company revises the way they operate by conducting the termination process by using remote computer access like facetime or skype. Her main focus point is cost efficiency. Which is the same as every company in the world how can you save the most money and still be efficient. But Natalie is soon to realize when you eliminate costs you also affect people or the services the company provides. In today’s society everyone thinks the same way but just 20 years ago everything was settled face to face and a handshake. Well Ryan believes that Natalie does not fully understand the nature of the business, and there boss suggests that Natalie goes with Ryan on his next trip. So on the next trip Ryan proves that terminating a person from a job is not an easy task. It’s actually very hard because you’re changing an individual’s way of life and it's not possible to be successful in the particular business without talking face to…...

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