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The Role of Regional Councillors in Namibia

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In the region there are plenty of intresting places and there are a lot of features which vary from game to waterfalls. There region is rich inculture and they are still preserving their culture till to this day. In 204 the Minister of Environment and Tourism opened the Tsandi Royal homestead which is a Cultaral heritage museum. The region share a border with the Etosha National park , the governemrnt in 1996 passed a legislation that enabled the Uukwaluudhi people to form a conversacy to manage wildlife and tourism. The region has so many animals such as kudu, zebra, black rinho and so many bird species. There is the Baobab Tree heritage centre and campsite in Outapi town. This tree is over a 1000 years old abd it has been used for so many puposses such a chapel,fotess, landmark and a kindergarten. In the present day there is a kiosk which rents braai stands and sells wood, there are also campsites in the area. There is the Omugulugwombashe monument, which was constructed by the government a place of commemoration of the liberation struggle for independence. This is the place that were the war started in 1966. The region ids home to the Mighty Ruacana Falls. There is the Hippo Pool, this is located next to the falls. There are 10 camps which are lacated under Mopane trees(
As a councilor ro win back the respect of the people I shall use the ethical concept of respect.Resoct is defined as a feel or understanding that some one is important, serious and sould be trated in a certain way ( Under this principle I shall get some people and to observe respect at the cultural museum and to have infomaation on the people that book at the heritage centre so that we preserve our culture. I shall also use the concept of respect, in the conservancy as I shall make sure that there shall not be no poachers and that if people want to hunt animals they have to first adhere and respect the laws and cultural respects of the land. Another concept that I shall apply in the conservancies is that of Justice. JUSTICE DEFINE. This shall be applied to everyone that if the local people are found on the wrong side of the law, such as hunting endangeres species of animals within the conservancies they will be fined or imprisoned, thie will be applied fair to everone even the relatives or members of the family of the kings. Justice will apply to everyone who is caught on the wrong side of the law in campsites or heritage cenres so that we keep hold of our heritage and culture. The concept of HONESTY, if the government gives us money to develop these centres I shall be acoountable for the money and I shall declare the money and I shall not take what is not mine be used here.
If the shall form committees in for the various centers so that they patrol and keep ther ares in check. From time to time I shall review , re-adjust the plans that we have so that we keep our heritage and conservancies entact. I shall monitor, the discipline , ethics and integrity of the groups, so that we do not have bad elements in the group, who will connive with outsiders and destroy what we have. I shall give reward to members and the people in general who shall do extra to combat problems that we face in the region (…...

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