The Unexpected

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The Unexpected

As of early April, Carl Robins had been a new the new recruiter for ABC Inc., with six months of being in the job Carl was asked to make his first recruitment. He had to hire fifteen new trainees in order for them to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Carl had scheduled the new trainees that he had hired for an orientation for June 15th, hoping to have all the new hires working by July. May 15th had arrived and Carl was contracted by Monica to get the training schedule from Carl about the orientation, manuals, physicals and drug test. Carl insured Monica he would have everything arranged in time. Memorial Day had past and Carl noticed a lot of the work he insured Monica he would have done was not completed. Carl Robins was in trouble not being ready for the orientation, nor having the proper work on file, and being so close to his died line date, Carl had to make a plan to solve these issues in time.
Early on Thursday morning a few days after Memorial Day weekend, Carl walked into his office with a firm plan on how he plans to make the orientation for June 15th work. Even though Carl Robins panicked a few days back, fearing not to make the orientation date happen due to not having applications ready, transcripts not on file, no drug test nor physicals done, the training room being scheduled, and only having three manuals. Carl picked up the phone and called ABC’s Inc. Human Resources (HR) to fix his first problem on the list. Carl knew he had two weeks to fix these problems he created himself, and even though he knew he might not have the solution to each problem, he knew he had Monica Carroll, his supervisor as a last resort for any last issues he could not figure out.

As Carl waited on the line for Ann Bell, the HR representative for the Employment Department, he was…...

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