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The struggle of Antoine throughout the movie is very explicit. He was just a plain victim of unfortunate lying like when he punished by his teacher because he was holding a sexy photo even though he does not own it. It was just too unfortunate of him that every time he lies, he was caught up. And when he tries to say the truth, no one believes him. I believe that there is always a risk in lying and that is being caught. Good for those who lie but was not caught. But there was one lucky mistake that Antoine did. It was when he left a candle lighted. He was reprimanded but suddenly it turned out that her mother defended him. And they decided to go into a movie house and stroll around the streets of France.
I admired the friendship of Rene because he offered something new, something that distract Antoine from his problems about his fam ily. He brought pleasure to besieged Antoine by going on into arcades, movies and puppet shows and smoking. I am okay with this because he did this for a pleasure. And why would Antoine stay in the school where he is an eye sore to his teachers if he can do stuffs outside that would make him happy? Rene even offered Antoine a place to stay. But I doubted him when he did not tell the cops that he was also liable in stealing the typewriter. Yes, I considered the action of Antoine and Rene as a stealing although there is an intention to return it. But they already stole it. Rene redeemed my respect when he tried to visit Antoine in the observatory center. I can sense that Antoine is even more excited to see Rene more than his mother. It broke my heart to see Antoine cried when Rene was not allowed to visit. As long as something or someone is about friendship, I feel so nostalgic. Because I do not even have a true friend like Rene.
His mother is also responsible on what happened on Antoine. He did not do her duty as mother truthfully. She…...

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