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The Tiger Mom
To be a parent is a big change. Your life changes in the moment your child is born. The big question about raising a child and taking care of a child now becomes a big mystery. Many parents imitate the way they have been raised of their parents, because they think it is the right way. But which way is the right way to raise a child? Is it with a stern hand? Or maybe to give your child slack reins? There is no concrete answer for the best way to raise a child, but everybody has an opinion.
The tiger mother, Chua, has a strong opinion about raising children. She raises her children the way her father raised her. Her father was a Chinese man, so she calls the raising method “The Chinese way”. “The Chinese way” is raising your children with a stern hand! As she says it herself: “The Tiger, the living symbol of strength and power, generally inspires fear and respect”. The tiger mother has two daughters – Sophia and Louisa (Lulu). They are never allowed to do things like attend a sleepover, have a play date, get any grades less than A, watch television and play videogames, etc.
Parenting in Denmark is different to “The Chinese way”. The Danish Parents are generally less strict than most Chinese parents. I think the Danish parents are busy but considerate people. The Danish parents I know are very supportive and helpful people. They do not push their children to the limit. The Danish children have to take themselves to the limit if they feel for it. Also there is an assumption from the Danish parents to their children no matter circumstances contrary to the Chinese parents. Chinese children have to highly respect and impress their parents to get their acceptance. People from other countries would generally say that Danish children are spoiled. I think most parents want to spoil their children within limits. Denmark is lucky to be a very rich country with…...

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