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Essay on Business Growth and Development

Businesses today cannot afford to stand still because of the changes that are taking place in the world. In the ancient times, the population was manageable, and people could use the available resources for the family needs to sustain them. In the modern world and with the changes in technology, there has been difficulty because people are experiencing high living standards and more demand of resources. This study features on ways that a business can use to deliver products that are essential to the population, which rapidly grows in the world, and the adaption methods to both social and demographic changes. It will also outstanding on the technological impact to the business operations and reliability in the ensuring that they meet people’s needs.

The development in technology has led to increase in the number of people in the world, leading to faster depletion of resources. This, therefore, necessitates improvement in company production and improved services so that they can be able to meet the increased requirements of the population. These companies also need to adapt to both social and demographic changes to enable them work efficiently and effectively (Wothington & Britton, 2009, 12).

Growing firms invest more in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and are more efficient in terms of the services and products that they offer. The change in technology has enabled people to get access to services quickly and is of satisfactory quality. Improving companies’ performance helps them relate well with their customers socially and assists them to deliver the products to customers on time.

This makes the customers appreciate the fact that they can be able to meet their requirements at the right time despite having requested for them a bit late. Research shows that, in the ancient times, people were not in a…...

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