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1. Analyze the top 5 most popular choices of hybrid cars detailing the pros and cons of each car’s technology, price, manufacturing, car’s impact on environment, and describe the scientific principles involved behind the technology.

2. Determine which type of car would work best for you and your family. Justify your decision based upon the result of your analysis of the 5 hybrid cars.

3. Analyze the impact this technology will have on our political relationships with oil-producing countries. Make sure that you address economic issues such as: trade, production, and supply in your analysis.

4. Express how you think this technology will influence world politics? Make sure that you address economic issues such as: trade, production, and supply in your analysis.

5. Explain what impact do you think these cars will have on our economy? Consider the following issues in your analysis: consumer buying, sustainability, recycling, and fuel economy.

“The first hybrid gas-electric car in the United States, the original Honda Insight, reported its first 17 sales in December 1999. One decade and 1.5 million hybrids later, the auto industry is ready to embrace hybrids and other green cars like never before.” (Berman, 2009) Hybrid cars are extremely popular internationally and it’s easy to see why. “Hybrid cars complement gas engines with electric motors to improve gas mileage or to increase power through the use of a combined-propulsion system. Toyota and Honda are both major players in the hybrid space, but just about every other automaker is working on a hybrid model.” (Cunningham, 2014) The hybrids with high-end proficiency have far superior fuel efficiency than conventional gas-powered vehicles. Hybrids of today have ranges of greater than 400 miles per tank. There are two main types; normal hybrid cars, and full hybrid cars. Normal hybrid cars…...

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