Training and Development Paper

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Training and Development Paper
Sharon Archard
October 7, 2013
Denise Holcomb

Training and Development Paper
My paper will be about training and development in healthcare and why it is vital to have. I will also discuss the importance of measuring employee’s competencies and the process of tracking and evaluating training effectiveness.
Training and development occurs in almost every company today. Both are very important to any business who wants to succeed. It is more vital to health care because we are dealing with people’s lives. Human resources in health care will have to deal with double-digit increase in hiring according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the coming years (R. Mayhew, 2013, para.1). The human resource staff have select between different types of providers, types of services, level of services provided by the facility and the kind of facility the human resource faculty works.
When the need of recruitment and selection process begins, an employment specialist who knows how to understand descriptions of positions, specifications for the position, and the qualifications required. The global workforce struggles to keep up with hiring needs. Talented employees are in demand and the supply of this talent is scarce, so organizations are using strategies to train the workforce from within and recruit as much as possible to keep their competitive edge.
Organizations are struggling to keep up with expanding needs. A recent study by a consulting firm showed 60% of the workforce with the knowledge of their jobs in health care will have to be replaced in the coming years. It means the demand of talented people in health care will exceed the supply available. The need of training in health care will be needed more to keep the supply of workers available.
With the quality of life health care workers deal with every day, training…...

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