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Realistic Constraints:
Constraints are conditions that we need to happen or would like to happen with a design. A realistic constraint is a reaction on the degree of freedom you have in providing a solution. Constraints are effectively global requirements, such as limited development resources, decisions that restricts the way you develop a system.

Economic Constraints:
Determing whether a project should be carried out from a financial perspective.

Environmental Constraints:
Giving consideration to the ways the product might impact the environment, from its manufacture to use its disposal.

Social Constraints:
Developing projects that are designed to meet human needs and/or to address social issues.

Political Constraints:
One needs to understand how engineering and political activities interact, and how to work effectively in this environment.

Ethical Constraints:
Engineers need to be aware of codes of conduct that provide standards of proper behaviour in our interactions with others, both inside and outside of the profession.

Health and Safety Constraints:
Products should be designed such that their everyday use does not cause harm. Also, engineers must acknowledge that all products have lifetimes, and therefore modes of failure, associated with them.

Concerned with designing,a product in such a way that it can be manufactured efficiently, reliably and within acceptable costs.

The process of developing engineering devices, products, and systems that use the resources available to it to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to also meet their own needs.

Formulate: devise or create a strategy or a proposal.

Societal: of or relating to the society.


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