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What are the differences that separate Romanesque and Gothic architecture ? What made Italian Gothic architecture unique
Romanesque architecture was influenced not only by early Christian and Byzantine styles but by native forms as well . Although Romanesque varied from region to region , there were some common characteristics . The use of the round arch was a major feature of the sober and dignified style Towers are prominent features of many Romanesque churches . In addition there were many regional differences . In Italy , Romanesque is distinguished by the use of marble for facing the walls . In

northern France , especially Normandy , western facades are flanked by two towers Similar to the architecture of Normandy is the English Romanesque style usually called Norman architecture . German Romanesque , or Rhenish churches often have both western and eastern apses . On the other hand gothic architecture originated and attained its highest development in northern France . It is distinguished mainly by the use of the pointed arch , traceried stained-glass windows , and elaborate ribbed vaults . The lightness , delicacy , and soaring height of the Gothic cathedral were possible because of the pointed arch , ribbed vaults , and flying buttresses . Use of the pointed arch with the Romanesque rib and panel vaulting method possible Gothic vaults of great height and span . With the weight of the multiribbed vault supported by buttresses , the cathedral became a stone skeleton of piers , ribs , and buttresses . The walls , relieved of much of their weight-bearing function , were thin and often had stained-glass windows stretching from buttress to buttress
Italian gothic architecture is unique because they used pointed arches cathedral roofs are low . There are fewer and smaller windows , and frescoes and mosaics are the common wall decorations . As the…...

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