Two Kinds of Entrepreneurs

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Two Kinds of Entrepreneurs

Alia Dangerfield
BA540 Managerial Economics
Dr. Jonathan Green
May 8, 2013

Two Kinds of Entrepreneurs
In today’s market economy I believe the scenario of lower interest rates and more capital is important today. I choose scenario number three because when interest rates are low people tend to borrow money. “When interest rates are low, capital is easier to acquire. This can spur economic development because, human nature being what it is, the more cash you have available, the more you are likely to pay for something you want – whether it is a car or that new plasma screen television” (Kennon, J., Internet). On the other hand lowering interest rates can cause an additional devaluation of the dollar. Not to mention, lowering interest rates may not actually help increase spending if confidence is low (e.g. the falling of house prices).
A market economy of lower interest rates and more capital is more conducive toward economic growth and that is why I choose scenario number three. Socialist and communist economists argued that a total government controlled and planned economy would take satisfaction in a more rapid economic growth than a capitalist economy, mainly basing their case on the idea that an intended economy would maintain a steadier and higher rate of investment, free of the broken slowdowns of investments caused by periodic financial crises in the capitalist business cycle. It was also understood that a more democratic socialist educational policy would be much more successful in promoting widespread education for the masses, greatly enhancing the supply of what we would call today human capital. Economists are also more positively inclined toward the free market system and recognized that the total amount of investment in both non-human and human capital was certainly important for rapid economic growth but cautioned…...

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...Respone to “Two Kinds” I found Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds” to be an emotional and touching story. It centers on the idea figuring out what is best for someone else. This is often a major conflict between parents and their children. Initially, I thought that it would be about a parent trying to exploit their child, which it was, but I felt so sympathetic for it. Then I came to know that the mother of the main character has lost some close family members and their family home in China. With a past like that, which parent wouldn’t want the best for their child? However, the more I read the story, the less sympathetic I felt for the mother and the more I started feeling for the daughter. She made her daughter try to play the piano, which I don’t have problem with, but even though she played badly in the talent show, her mother shouldn’t be disappointed. Afterwards, I found out what the title of the story meant when the daughter and her mother got into an argument about her not wanting to replay the piano. The mother claims that there are only two kinds of daughters, those who are obedient and those who are not. Even though the daughter seemed disobedient when refusing to play the piano again, I still felt sympathetic towards her as I can relate myself with the girl. I was forced to study in medical school for six years even though I never wanted to be a doctor. I personally think that it’s wrong to exploit the children to better their life. The mother of this......

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...“Two Kinds” One of the stories that really stood out to me was the “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan because in the story it was the mother that coming from another country had hopes and dreams and not thinking in what her daughter wanted was determined to make her own hopes come true. As it says in the beginning of the story “My mother believed you could be anything in America” The mother believes that working hard you can be anything you want to be here in America. The mother had very high hopes that her daughter would become successful and had many dreams to make that happen. The narrator uses her mom to portray the “American Dream” theme, because throughout the story her mother wanted her to do many things. For example when her mother put her into beauty training school and at first she liked it but after also trying other things she realized that she just wanted her parents to accept her. “In all of my imaginings, I was filled with a sense that I would soon become perfect. My mother and father would adore me … I would never feel the need to sulk for anything” I think that many people come to america looking for that “American Dream” dreams of becoming rich and successful. Another thing I got from this story is how all those dreams the mother had affected the relationship with her mother. The narrator's mother only wanted her daughter to be successful in life, but by doing that she was starting problems with her daughter, The mom did not realize how her daughter really felt. “......

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