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|Dimension |4 |3 |2 |1 |
|Purpose/task |Accomplishes the task. Essay is|Accomplishes the task. |Attempts to accomplish the |Attempts to accomplish the |
| |well written using the |Essay is written using the |task; |task. |
| |appropriate elements of the |appropriate elements of the | | |
| |rhetoric studied. |rhetoric studied. |Attempts to use the elements |Attempts to use some or little|
| | | |of the rhetoric studied |elements of the rhetoric |
| | | | |studied |
|Introductory Paragraph , |Has a strong introduction |Has a good /average |Has a weak introduction |Attempts to have an |
|Thesis |paragraph: topic, background |introduction paragraph. |paragraph. |introduction paragraph. |
| |and thesis. | | | |
|Topic + Controlling idea | |Thesis has a topic and |The topic and or idea/opinion |It does not have a controlling|
| |Thesis has a clear topic and |controlling idea |are not clear. |idea to be supported in the |
| |controlling idea. | | |essay. |
|Unity |ALL paragraphs clearly support |Most paragraphs support topic|Paragraphs are not clear and |Few paragraphs support topic |
| |topic and main idea. |and main idea. |somewhat support topic and |and main idea. |
| | | |main idea. | |
|Coherence and |Paragraphs are logical and |Paragraphs are coherent and |Paragraphs are somewhat |Paragraphs are not coherent. |
|organization |coherent and provide a |provide a beginning, middle |coherent. |They attempt to provide a |
| |beginning, middle and end. |and end. |They attempt to provide a |beginning, middle and end. |
| |Well developed |-Needs a little more |beginning, middle and end. | |
| | |development | | |
|Transition Words |Uses at least 4 or more |Uses 3 transitions words. |Uses 2 transition words. |Has 1 transition word. |
| |transition words. | | | |
| | |Has an average concluding |Concluding paragraph is not |Does not have a concluding |
|Conclusion |Has a strong and clear |paragraph. |clear. |paragraph. Short and blunt. |
| |concluding paragraph that | |Short and blunt | |
| |supports the thesis and the | | | |
| |support paragraphs. | | | |
| | | | | |
|Vocabulary |Includes a wide variety of |Includes a variety of |Includes basic vocabulary. |Includes limited vocabulary. |
| |vocabulary that expands the |vocabulary related to the |Many inaccurate words may be |Most vocabulary is inaccurate |
| |topic. Words are accurate. |topic. Some inaccuracies. |unrelated to topic. |or unrelated to topic. |
|Grammar |Demonstrates a high degree of |Demonstrates some control of |Demonstrates a little control |Demonstrates little or no |
| |control of grammar usage. |grammar usage. |of grammar usage. |control of grammar usage. |
| |Subjects, verbs, tenses, |Subjects, verbs, tenses, |Subjects, verbs, tenses, |Subjects, verbs, tenses, |
| |articles, adjectives, word |articles, adjectives, word |articles, adjectives, word |articles, adjectives, word |
| |order, spelling, accents. |order, spelling, accents. |order, spelling, accents. |order, spelling, accents. |
| |Verb few errors, that are |Some errors but does not |Many errors. Somewhat |Many errors and impedes |
| |minor. |hinder overall |difficult to comprehend. |overall comprehensibility. |
| | |comprehensibility. | | |
|Readability |Easy to read and understand. |Fairly easy to read and |Is a little difficult to read |Very difficult to read and |
| |May have a few errors, but a |understand with some errors |and understand due to errors. |understand. |
| |native English speaker can |that create confusion. |But reader can understand the | |
| |still understand. | |gist or idea. | |


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