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Website- Virtual location on WWW, containing several subject or company related webpages and data files accessible through a browse.
Types Of Website: * Corporate Websites
These websites also known as business websites, provide information to the users about the company and also provide contact numbers rather than transacting business or providing other services. * Personal Websites
Personal websites are websites owned by individuals, with their personal profile featured on it and the things that they are interested in. Personal websites are limited in scope and it doesn't take too much capital putting up one on the internet. * Flash Websites
Flash websites are one of the most popular websites today as along with text, these allow you to watch a video to describe the product. Flash websites are advanced in graphics and are a great way of marketing as people relate to live streaming videos more than a text based advert. YouTube is one of the example. * E-commerce Websites
These websites are mainly transactional websites which allow you to shop from the confines of your home. For many consumers, it is like an online store and for businessmen it is a great way of conducting business without the need of an expensive outlet. Ebay, Sulit.Com are some of the examples.

* Social media and Networking Websites
These are the top visited websites as these are created purely for socializing and catching up with friends etc. Apart from socializing, some of these websites include networking for both business and personal use. Some of the examples are facebook, twitter, etc.

* Photo-sharing Websites
These websites allow people to share/upload their photos. These are generally free to use so that many people can share their amazing moments with their friends, relatives etc. Instagram is one of the example.…...

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