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Rational Based Developmental Theory
Bethanie Knoll
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PS220-Child and Adolescent Psychology

Rational Based Developmental Theory
At the moment of conception of a child, parents have already started planning for their child’s future. As in this case, John and Sue must decide which child care provider would provide their 8 week old baby, Tyree, the best start to her future. Although Child Care B is less expensive than Child Care A, Tyree is not as independent as the other children so she will need more attention given to her while she is awake. Child Care A has enough staff that Tyree can have the care she needs immediately instead of having to wait for a staff member to get to her like she would with Child Care B. Therefore, I choose Child Care A as the best facility for Tyree to develop cognitively as well as receive the bonding she needs for her emotional and social development. According to Piaget, Tyree is in the sensorimotor stage, which is the first stage of cognitive development and is from birth to 2 years of age and thought is based primarily on action. (Bukatko, 2008, pg200-202) Piaget’s theory develops a cognitive structure for Tyree when choosing Child Care A. Cognitive psychology studies the mental processes, like perception, learning and memory. Infants learn by repetition and the use of their senses. By seeing the caregiver on a regular bases Tyree will learn whom she can trust, she will also learn to perceive those in Child Care A as a safe, friendly and loving place. Child Care A will only be beneficial to Tyree if the parents are consistent with their care of her. This is when nature vs. nurture would come into play. During infancy a child needs to have consistency, predictability, and reliability in their caregivers. This includes the parents as well as the child care provider. Child Care A provides a safe…...

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