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A New Kind of Office for the New Generation
Jennifer Osborne
Kaplan University

A New Kind of Office for the New Generation
For the longest time, office jobs consisted of the same old thing. Employees would get up, get ready, sit in traffic, go into work, punch in, and sit in their cubicle or office until the day ended and went home to get ready to start the process all over again. Now, things are starting to change the offices that we have been accustomed to. As technology grows and expands so does the environment in which we use it. In regards to technology and the office, the two have begun to merge to one. Companies, the existing and the future, are choosing a virtual based type of business. Most, if not all, of the company is controlled and operated through technology and the internet. Converting over has become the popular and innovative thing for business owners to do. Aside from not being able to walk into a building, from the customer’s viewpoint, it goes unnoticed whether a company is virtual or not. Virtual based companies have become more popular and show significant benefits that most find incomparable.
Virtual companies reap benefits not seen by actual businesses. These companies save money that would normally spend on real estate, overhead, supplies, training, and other in-office necessities. Even Davenport and Pearlson (1998) knew many, many, years ago that, “Home offices accomplish the cost-savings objective by replacing company real estate with the employees” (para. 18). They do not need to go find a prime location or worry about how much electricity costs and so forth; these concerns are no longer one of theirs. According to the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee (UWM, 2010), “employees who telecommute the majority of the work week are more satisfied with their jobs compared to those working mostly in the office…” (para. 1). These employees…...

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