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Unit19 P1 & P2

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Customer relations in business
Assignment: A1

Understanding marketing concepts used by businesses

What is marketing concepts?

Marketing concepts is when businesses use ideas and techniques to make their customers aware of their products or services and tempt them to buy.
This relates to: * How buyers decide what they buy * What makes one products or service different from another * How different groups of customer can be targeted according to their needs. * The marketing mix – Considering the price, product, place and promotional activity (four P’s) that will attract customers.

The following marketing concepts are:

The AIDA (s) model of buying decision making
Before you attempt to buy something, you go through a process and the process is:

Stage 1 – Attention
Before you buy a product or a service, you must be aware of it first. There are many ways of getting your attention to the business products and services and they’re advertising. Ways of advertising your business is newspapers, radio, T.V., leaflets, billboards and posters. Another way of getting you attention is by having store displays and striking packaging.

Stage 2 – Information
The next step is to find out if that particular item will meet your needs. In order to know this, you need to find more information and there’s various ways that you can get this and they could be by reading the label or packaging, asking your family or friends, searching on the internet, asking sales stuff or brochures.

Stage 3 – Decision
You may choose to purchase the product or service immediately or you may want time to think about it, especially if the price is quite expensive. You may want to see if what alternatives there are and where you can get the best deal. This is where good customer service and sales staff can influence with your decision.…...

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