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Barnes and Noble: A Brief Report on Ethics, Compliance, and Financial Performance
Gigi Garcia, Tarika Jackson, Osvaldo Ayala, and Lashaunda Kirkland
April 17, 2014
Monique Johnson

Barnes and Noble: A Brief Report on Ethics, Compliance, and Financial Performance
Founded in 1965 by Leonard Riggio, Barnes and Noble was originally a small college book exchange. In 1970, Riggio had grown his small exchange by taking over the declining New York business trade name: Barnes and Noble. Only a few years later, Barnes and Noble became the premier book sellers of Manhattan, New York. Currently, Barnes and Noble (listed as BKS on the New York Stock Exchange) is a Fortune 500 company with over 700 stores in 50 states. The company includes: one of the largest digital media subsidiaries (Nook Media, LLC) partnered with Microsoft® and Pearson® (textbook publishers); online retail shopping; retail stores; an internet channel; over 600 on-campus university bookstores; and the recent acquisition of Sterling Publishing (Barnes and Noble, 2011).
This brief report will: assess the role of ethics and compliance in Barnes and Noble’s financial environment and describe the procedures set in place to ensure ethical behavior; explain how financial markets work in the United States; identify processes used to comply with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations; evaluate Barnes and Noble’s financial performance during the past 2 years using financial ratios while discussing what the trends illustrate about Barnes and Noble’s financial health.
Roles and Procedures: Ethics and Financial Compliance
Barnes and Noble has grown over the course of forty-nine years into one of the largest book retailers through its commitment to customers, booksellers, publishers, shareholders, and the communities it serves. Their innovative approach to addressing the reading…...

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