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1) Research the problem and describe what occurred to prevent the packages from being delivered on time.
UPS did not have enough staff to sort and planes to deliver too many packages. UPS handles most e-commerce orders. In order to push sales, many online retailers guaranteed customers that their packages would arrive on time at the last time and offered deeper discounts than they did on Black Friday. Some retailers even extended the deadline to place orders by 24 hours, compared to that of last year, which reduced time to deliver packages. Expectations on next-day delivery and lower prices made many customers place online orders late and resulted in a surge in online sales and shipping volumes. Moreover, many retailers chose to shift more orders by air so as to guarantee that packages were arrived on time, which increased the burden of air delivery.
In addition, lack of related information and communication with retailers and incorrect forecasting about holiday shipping volumes resulted in failure to deliver all packages before Christmas. According to the incorrect forecasting, UPS could not make an appropriate plan for the holiday peak. In 2013, the holiday shopping season was 6 days shorter compared to that of 2012. Because of shorter season and far more holiday shipping volumes, UPS had to deliver more packages per day and had less recovery time. Bad weather also caused delayed delivery. Because of bad weather like winter storms, more customers bought gifts online and many planes and trucks could not deliver packages as…...

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