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Us Department of Labor Case Study

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The purpose of this paper is to provide information about the United States Department of Labor (DOL) website. This Website communicates the current regulations and federal involvement in employee benefit. This report describes the features of this website and how each feature can be used to monitor employee benefits. And specifically focusing on how the benefits comply with all federal laws. Moreover this report provides detailed information on how employees would use this information to their benefits rights is protected. This new web service was developed based on data collected by the Occupational Information Network and the National Labor Exchange. The Occupational Information Network collects information on the skills and job requirements for a wide variety of nearly 1000 occupations in the United States (Investopedia Ulc., 2012, para 2). The National Labor Exchange was created by the Direct Employers Association to deliver information on the job requirements from various American corporations.

Describe the major features of this Website and how each feature can be used to monitor employee benefits.

The major aspect of this website would be the content list and how it is classified. In this section, we review the types of features found to be useful in web page classification research. First of all, I think that the structure and design are very important to a website as it decides whether or not a user will stay on that site. The major feature is newsletter updates. By voluntarily subscribing, e-laws will send an e-mail when new Advisors are added to the e-laws Web site, and when existing Advisors are updated. The website has an effective and appealing web design. Plus, many visuals and graphics are incorporated into the web pages, which provide readers with a…...

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