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Use of Computers Disadvantages in Classrooms

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In most cases, technology is a true blessing to the modern-day classroom, making access to information faster and easier to understand than ever before. But just like all new innovations, it is not without drawbacks. Here are some of them

One of the first cons of classroom technology is the financial aspect. Not every school can afford the numerous pieces of electronics needed for even a single classroom to be fully equipped. At best some schools can only afford a limited number of these items.But it’s not only this. Once technology is purchased for a school, the cost of upkeep and maintenance can be too expensive for the school to maintain. Outdated software and hardware components can have compability issues with available programs. Unless the teacher is well trained in technology and can support the hardware in the classroom, an IT will be needed to troubleshoot problems whicj means even more scpenses for the school. Also, the cost of repairing broken equipment may be too expensive for school budgets. In order for a school to successfully integrate technology, there must be a replacement or updating plan in place to keep technology updated and useful. Because of connection problems, downloading issues, illegal software and other difficulties, teachers can sometimes stop using it simply because the lack of time. To lose the 10 minutes period just because of connectivity issues is not fair, and it's one of the main reasons for the failure of technology integration in schools To sum up, technology can be powerful learning and educating tool, but schools must first ask themselves if they have the resources, not only the material but also human resources, to afford and maintain such expensive equipment .

This can lead to students and teachers competing for such resources, which can only affect badly to the school environment.

While technology can be a great…...

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