Users's Attutude Towered Agrobased Services Provided by Telecommunication Operatos in Bangladesh

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Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy of Bangladesh which provides 63% employment and contributing 18.6% to the national GDP. But unfortunately the farmer’s community is one of the most deprived ones in our country and frequent access to information remains one of the crying needs for a long time period. It can enable them to enhance their quality of life. It has been argued that telecommunication operators can come to aid in this respect. Telecommunications operators have already expanded their services and provided specialized agro-based services to the farmers. This paper attempts to investigate the attitude of the farmers about these agro-based services provided by the telecommunication operator. It also explored the characteristics of the user’s and their perception.
Data were collected from 120 respondents who were the user of telecommunication operator’s agro-based services from selected areas from August 18 to October 15, 2011. The data were collected through a structured interview schedule. Evidence from interviews, personal observations suggest that most of the user of these services were young, had little farming experience with small farm side and from small to medium families.
These services were treated helpful to overcome their obstacles to information collection but still not efficient like the means they use to collect information traditionally.
They wanted information in various field of agriculture especially in the area of price, weather information cultivation technique disease treatment, fertilizer dose etc.

Small farmers found it as a very effective any of information service especially in case of emergency situation and due to its cost effectiveness. But the mechanism need to use this services found sometimes difficult especially for the illiterate farmers.…...

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