Values and Ethics in Human Service

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May 07, 2011

Values are greatly held beliefs that conduct our behaviors and decisions. They live deeply within the subconscious and are strongly incorporated into our everyday lives. We make our decisions and choose certain behaviors, friends, place of employment, and what we entertain ourselves based on our values. We absorb a beginning value-set during our childhood years from our parents, teachers, coaches, and other influential people we see regularly. As the years pass on and we go through life experiences, we tend to get rid of some values and add others. However, many of the values that subconsciously operate as an origin for choices, decisions, and behaviors are the core values that were absorbed during our early years. As I look back on my childhood, I can see how my values were developed within myself, I can see how they are implemented in my everyday life and I can also see how they are utilized within my decisions that I make in my place of employment.

As a child, there were always rules in the house. My younger brother and I had a specific bed time, we could only watch certain television shows and we could only drink our juice after our dinner was finished. My step-father and mother had us on a daily routine that was pretty repetitive during the regular school year. My step-father would always tell us that we need to take care of our school work before we could have time to play. Even though as a children we complained, as I look back on his intentions now, I am glad that we had rules that needed to be followed. My parents were very involved in school and other activities; they kept us very busy. I remember when one of us would get in trouble for telling a lie or acting up…...

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