Values and Reflection Paper

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Values and Reflection Paper

Enrique Riccardi


January 25, 2014

Jason Husky

Abstract Reflection paper will address some topics while reflecting on core values, brief description on how some professionals in the field acquire their own values and with time may change their values. It will give a definition of what values in the workplace are, and explain what these values do for us as professionals. In this paper the reader will also be able to see the breakdown the nature and the overall importance of human and professional values in the work place.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection paper in which you address the following concepts:

* Identify your core values. * Describe how people acquire and change values. * Explain what values do for and to us. * Explain the nature and importance of human values in the workplace.

Defining core values may vary from people’s education and ethical values that they have learned through life. Core values for a law enforcement agency it will be the fundamentals beliefs of the organization. They are normally used as guiding principles for the organization and it will dictate the way the organization will operate. These core values will help identify what should be done and what should not be done in the organization; right and wrong. By clarifying where the organization would like to be in the future, and letting all of its members what is and will be expected of them while in the organization. Core values will vary depending on the type of law enforcement agency but none the less they will be somewhat comparable. Individual core values may differ from time to time, some as they mature in their career will be more goal oriented, and while others will just want to stay away from the negative spotlight.
For some acquiring core values will be a…...

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