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Brooksbank, R. 1994. The Anatomy of Marketing Positioning Strategy. Marketing Intelligence and Planning 12 (4): 10-14. Emerald Insight. (accessed September 14, 2011). Brown, M. 2009. Should My Advertising Stimulate an Emotional Response? (accessed September 20, 2011). Cognition. 2011. (accessed September 15, 2011). EmitAsia. 2011. Reader’s Digest English ED. (accessed September 20, 2011) Entertainment And Celebrity. 2007. Marketing Interactive (accessed 3 October, 2011) Hiam, A., and C. D. Schewe. 1992. The Portable MBA in Marketing. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Moriarty, S., N. D. Mitchell, and W. D. Wells. 2008. Advertising (8th edition). USA: Pearson Prentice Hall. Spence-stone, R., W. William, M. Sandra, and B. John. 2008. Advertising: Principles and Practice. Australia: Pearson Education Australia.

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Overview of Overall Advertising Effectiveness for Colgate

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...referred to in the Rig-Veda in the 90th Hymn of the 10th Book. It runs as follows: " 1. Purusha has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet. On every side enveloping the earth, he overpassed (it) by a space of ten fingers. 2. Purusha himself is this whole (universe), whatever has been and whatever shall be. He is also the lord of immortality since (or, when) by food he expands. 3. Such is his greatness, and Purusha is superior to this. All existences are a quarter of him; and three-fourths of him are that which is immortal in the sky. 4. With three quarters Purusha mounted upwards. A quarter of him was again produced here. He was then diffused everywhere over things which eat and things which do not eat. 5. From him was born Viraj, and from Viraj, Purusha. When born, he extended beyond the earth, both behind and before. 6. When the Gods performed a sacrifice with Purusha as the oblation, the spring was its butter, the summer its fuel, and the autumn its (accompanying) offering. 7. This victim Purusha, born in the beginning, they immolated on the sacrificial grass. With him the gods, the Sadhyas, and the rishis sacrificed. 8. From that universal sacrifice were provided curds and butter. It formed those aerial (creatures) and animals both wild and tame. 9: From the universal sacrifice sprang the rich and saman verses, the metres and the yajush. 10. From it sprang horses, and all animals with two rows of teeth; kine RIDDLES IN HINDUISM sprang from it; from it......

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...International Economics BEQM607 "Agricultural Subsidies & Development" Completed by: John Williams - Rosita Tran - Shrey Sharma- 11739401 Word Count: Viraj Bhatti - Introduction Agriculture accounts for 9% of world trade as is therefore not surprisingly top of the list for government policy for many countries, with agriculture industry still being the largest employer in many developing and third world countries. Currently there are many global issues regarding agricultural policies which include subsidies and tariffs, with continues debate whether they are economically beneficial or in fact detrimental to the agriculture trade market. The world is in a current face off involving developed countries such USA and EU and rising developing countries such as Brazil and India. International efforts have been made to solve issues through trade negotiations such as The Doha Round, a current round of trade negotiations among the World Trade Organization members, which have been going on since 2001 due to the complexity of the issues surrounding agricultural industry. The aim of this essay to critically analyse the effects of removing tariffs and subsidies on the average consumer and average farmer in developed countries as well as how it will effect developing countries. Removing Tariffs and Subsidies “The current subsidies distort incentives for the global trade of agricultural commodities in which other countries may have a comparative advantage.......

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