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Visual Argument Analysis Essay
Effective Advertisement
Effective advertisement immediately appeals to a viewer, stimulates one’s interest, persuades the targeted group to buy a product or service, or give support to a certain cause. We live in a fast paced world where everybody seems to be in a rush, therefore, the advertisers have to follow the “3 seconds to impact” rule (MAD). This means that they have “approximately 3 seconds to accomplish [their] marketing objectives”: to catch the viewer’s attention, convey a message, and provoke reactions or actions (MAD). The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) anti-fur advertisement that I have chosen for this assignment meets all the above-mentioned criteria of an effective advertisement (McCartney).
This particular print advertisement by PETA portrays Sophie Ellis-Bextor, an English singer, songwriter, model and occasional DJ, holding the skinned lifeless body of a fox. There are three main components in this commercial: a pitch black background, an attractive female celebrity, and a skinless animal. Metaphorically, the color black represents death, and it immediately determines the dark nature of the advertisement. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is wearing a black cocktail dress, her black cherry hair matches perfectly, and her red lipstick stands out on her pale, fair skin. As she strikes a glamorous pose by placing her right hand on her hip, the viewer can see that she is holding the skinned fox in her left hand. The bloody corpse is just hanging there, obviously lifeless, but also tortured. It looks like the animal may have been tortured and skinned while it was still alive as its eyes appear to be tightly shut in pain, and its jaws are slightly opened as if it is trying to catch the last breath. The fur remains only on the head and paws of the animal. The viewer can only imagine how beautiful the animal was…...

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