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W308 - Implement Measures to Reduce Combat Stress in a Squad/Section Pe

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1. What stress-related behaviors did you recognize within the scenario? • Recklessness or indiscipline • Malingering • Self-inflicting wounds

2. Which COSR risk factors did you recognize? • Anxious • Depression • Physical function disturbance • Disruptive forms • Memory loss

3. Based on the scenario, what leader actions would you implement? Why? • Identify which situations or events increase stress or COSR: this will better equip leaders to prevent, lessen or, divert stress away from their Soldiers. • Compensate by reducing other stressors: this will aid in focusing Soldiers on the task at hand. • Take corrective actions and measures: providing visible results, actions, or consequences sends clear messages to other Soldiers in the unit. • Get advice from mental health personnel and/or combat stress personnel: utilizing medical personnel and subject matter experts will greatly aid in preventing or reducing COSR casualties.

4. Describe insight or value that you acquired from this practical exercise.

The scenario provided a lot of insight as to the reactions that many soldiers have in certain situations. The soldier killing the insurgent as a “mercy killing” was surprising. In a way, that particular part provided insight as to my own thinking. I knew what he did was wrong. But in a way, I still understood it. I understand that it may have just been an excuse. But what if the soldier really did mean what he said. If so, I almost don’t blame him. And although I do not believe that I would have taken the same action. The mere fact that I can see his reasoning surprises me.

Being able to read this coupled with my own experiences, I hope, provide me with information that may help perform my job better as well as know what to watch out for when it comes to my soldiers. That is the value that I…...

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