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W310 -Conduct an Area Reconnaissance Practical Exercises 1 and 2

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Conduct an Area Reconnaissance Practical Exercises 1

1. The platoon leader assigns the task of conducting area reconnaissance based on what?

2. Explain how you will maneuver using the triangle technique for occupying an objective rally point (ORP)?
ANSWER: The platoon direction of travel is 12 o’clock. The two squads start traveling in the direction of 6 o’clock. One squad is traveling counterclockwise and one squad is traveling clockwise. The two squads meet at 12 o’clock disseminating information. After disseminating information; both squads continue reconnoitering back to the 6 o’clock position.

3. What is the most desirable method for executing an area reconnaissance and why?
ANSWER: Long-range observation. Because the patrol does not come in close enough for the enemy to detect them.

4. What happens once the mission is over?
ANSWER: The recon teams return to the ORP followed by the reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) teams. The patrol disseminates the information and then returns to the patrol base.

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Conduct an Area Reconnaissance Practical Exercises 2 1. Describe the purpose of a route reconnaissance?
ANSWER: To obtain information on a specified route and all terrain from which the enemy could influence movement along that route.

2. What information requirement will you need for a route reconnaissance?
ANSWER: The available space in which a force can maneuver, the location and types of all obstacles and the location of any available bypass, the enemy forces that can influence movement along the route, the observation and fields of fire, the locations along the route that provide cover and concealment, trafficability, bridges construction, and landing and pickup zones.

3. Who receives an overlay and specific information requirements needed for a specific route?
ANSWER: The platoon leader.


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