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W318 - Establish and Operate a Security Checkpoint Pe

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Establish and Operate a Security Checkpoint PE

1. Wall Search of multiple Subjects. When you search two or more individuals, they must all assume a position against the same wall or object but far enough apart that they cannot reach each other. The guard takes a position a few paces to the rear of the line with his weapon ready. The search starts with the person on the right end of the line. Upon completing the search of the first individual, the searcher moves that individual to the left end of the line, the individual assumes the proper position against the wall. The searcher resumes with the individual now on the right end of the line. The searcher must be careful to approach and search the remaining individuals without coming between them and the guard.

2. Frisk Search. This is a quick search of an individual for weapons, evidence, or contraband. Conduct the search in the presence of an assistant (guard) and a witness, when available. In conducting the frisk search, the searcher positions himself to prevent possible endangerment. The searcher’s guard takes a position from which he can cover the individual with his weapon. The searcher must avoid moving between the guard and the searched individual. The searched individual must raise his arms above his head. The searcher slides his hands over the individual’s entire body, crushing the clothing to locate concealed objects. If the searched is carrying a bag or wearing a coat or hat, these are also searched, with special attention to the linings.

3. Female Search. Women should search other females whenever possible. If female searches are not available, consider using doctors, medics, or designated makes form the local population. If male Soldiers must search females, take all possible measures to prevent any action that could be interpreted as sexual molestation or assault.


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