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W328 - Law of War Pe 1 and 2

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Law of War PE 1

1. What would your response to the order be?

The order is violating the Laws of War. You can’t force civilians to leave if they don’t want to. Also, you are supposed to protect civilian property more than government property. Destroying the homes could be considered hostile act against civilians.

2. Would you change it? Yes

3. How?

Inform the mayor that at 0600 the evacuation will begin and he should gather every one up that is willing to leave. Ask him to inform the people that staying could get them killed and that we will make every effort to keep their homes safe. We will help rebuild any homes that are damaged.

4. What actions would you employ to prevent Law of War violations and crimes?

The best thing I could do is to ensure proper training of my soldiers and enforcing the standard as spelled out in FM 27-10.

10.00 out of 10

Law of War PE 2

1. As a senior squad leader how would you respond to this?

I would speak with the commander and state that I understand that the destruction of these weapons is a necessity to the safety of the Military, but civilian casualties are always our concern and never an option.

2. What would be your course of action?

My course of action would be to ensure an evacuation the sector of town surrounding the weapon manufacture and the warehouses storing the weapons. An operation order outlining a plan to overtake the manufacture and weapon warehouses without civilian casualties must be created.

10.00 out of 10…...

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