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W330 - Opsec Practical Exercise

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OPSEC Practical Exercise

1. The U.S. believes the Soviets first became aware of the Stealth fighter program and the signals intelligence satellite program by exploiting freely available information. What type of intelligence(s) functions did they use?
Answer: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

2. At the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and present, we (the U.S.) used what type of intelligence function for targeting, mapping, and regional monitoring on the battlefield?
Answer: Imagery Intelligence (IMINT).

3. What type of intelligence functions include overt, sensitive, and clandestine activities and the individuals who exploit, control, supervise, or support these sources?
Answer: Human Intelligence (HUMINT).

4. Department of Energy's national laboratories are a target of friends and foe because of their emphasis on the development of advanced technologies, many of which have military applications. What type of intelligence function is it?
Answer: Technical Intelligence (TECHINT).

5. What type of intelligence is the culmination of the intelligence cycle and incorporates information derived through HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MAS1NT, and OSINT?
Answer: All Source Intelligence.

6. Your intelligence analyst told you he is observing a unit that travels to its refueling point the same time and way every day, and he believe you can destroy them with one air strike this time tomorrow. This unit is displaying which OPSEC indictor?
Answer: An exposure.

7. Given sufficient data, an analyst can determine an OPSEC indictor in any activity or unit. Over time, analysts attempt to identify and record the profiles of their adversary’s activities or units. For example, an enemy infantry regiment has many unique indicators. Over a period of several months, your analysts cataloged these indicators and created a standard picture for an infantry…...

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