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W337 - Information Awareness Pe Situation 1 and 2

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Information Awareness PE Situation 1

First and foremost I would either remind her to remove the thumb-drive if she is still in the area, or remove it myself if she has already left by the time I noticed the issue. I would also talk to her and possibly counsel her about the incident as soon as possible to ensure she understands the seriousness of the issue at hand. I may also consider training not just for her, but for the entire shop (depending on whether or not I thought that was necessary based on last training dates and/or any prior incidents). Of course this answer is based on isolated incidents. If this becomes a repetitive issue then I may have to take further actions such as having her removed from the shop and/or recommending UCMJ actions be taken.

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Information Awareness PE Situation 2

The first issue I see here is that as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) only a DOD authorized device can be connect to a DOD computer. I would have to stop SPC Lomas and remind him of this. If he wants to show his buddies what he has on his watch drive, then he needs to do it on his own computer or one of their computers. The main thing I would be concerned about is what he may have brought along with whatever he has on it, such as viruses or trojans. I may also approach SPC. Lomas and order him to show me the contents of the flash drive. If there was, in fact, material not in keeping with Army values, I would delete the material. I would then inform him that if this happens again, I would be forced to take more aggressive actions. I would leave it at that. This sort of thing is better handled on a lower level. But I would go higher if the action continued.

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