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Case on- US Airways Cost Structure
US Airways Corporation (formerly US Air) was formed with the merger of several diverse regional airlines including Allegheny Airlines, Mohawk Airlines, Lake Central Airlines, Pacific Southwest Airlines and Piedmont Airlines. The mergers that ultimately led to the establishment of US Airways did not come without difficulties.
US Airways possesses a diverse fleet of aircraft, unlike the much more successful Southwest Airlines, which flies only one type of plane, the Boeing 737. US Airways’ diversity results in higher costs of maintenance and crew training and in a much more complex crew scheduling problem.Because of the traditionally week competition in its Northeast market stronghold, US Airways had the highest yield in the airline industry in 1993.
The combination of high yields and very high costs per available seat mile invited competition. With the cloud of a potential bankruptcy hanging over it, US Airways looked for ways to control its costs in order to restore its financial health. Cost control is a difficult problem in any corporation. It is, however, especially difficult in a capital-intensive industry such as this.

Case on- Rising Marginal Cost of 747s
Boeing and Airbus provide all the wide-bodied jets the world needs. Boeing 747, 767 and 777s typically have a 60-70 percent share of the worldwide market, but Airbus accepted the majority of the new orders in 1994-1995 and doubled their output rate from 126 to 232 planes per year. Eventually incremental variable costs must rise as designers and shop floor get congested with new instructions and new diagrams.
Alternatively a company like Boeing can secure a 40% increase in the production rate of final assembly by contracting out more sub-assemblies. In the late 1990s, wide body prices did not rise because of intense competitive pressure from Airbus, but the marginal…...

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...noted that in the mid ‘90s, the main administrator of government-subsidized housing finance programs, the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation or NHMFC, was considered technically insolvent and irreversibly illiquid. “The corporation incurred net losses of P64 million in 1993, which increased six-fold by end of 1995 to P340 million. The fiscal impact of these losses was huge,” Ballesteros said. Problems with government housing finance persist, with the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) putting on hold its housing loan program in 2011 due to total unpaid loans of P11 billion for 17,000 house-and-lot packages nationwide. It had been providing housing loans since 1954, previously to GSIS members only but later began extending loans to developers. The institution eventually went into real estate development, buying land and building houses and selling these as house-and-lot packages. GSIS did not have adequate manpower to support its various financing activities, however, which resulted in its failure to collect payments. As of mid-2014, GSIS reported that its housing loan remedial and restructuring program had only restructured about P1.5 billion worth of accounts covering 3,000 borrowers. Ballesteros said that, moving forward, more effective institutional and policy changes have to be made. Subsidy interventions in the financial system, for instance, should be focused on low- to middle-income households, or those who are able to fulfill obligations......

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...Situation Analysis Elizabeth Hine’s “Elizabeth’s Country Wares (ECW)” deals in decorative country housewares and ceramic pottery business. Although ceramic pieces of equal/better functionality and lower price are easily available in the market, product differentiation has helped ECW’s products appeal to its customers. The firm’s products, mainly targeted at middle to upper-income households, have a country theme out of which, 3 “burst” themes are very successful: the “appleburst”, the “heartburst” and “the heart sideburst”. Also, the flexibility in designs and a wide array of choices has helped ECW to cater to the ever-changing consumer preferences. Currently, Country Pitchers (CP) is the primary seller of ECW featuring the hand painted design but also, the least profitable one. Due to the growing interest of some of the firm’s primary sellers in CP, the demand of CP for the next year is forecasted at 3000 pieces. The availability of Elizabeth limits the process that ECW currently uses in the CP production, thereby limiting the current CP production rate to 1996 pieces a year (Exhibit 1.1). Also, out of the two kilns being used (each having a capacity of 12 CPs); one is available for 225 days in CP production, and the other for 275 days in CP production. Digitally designed/ screen printed decals can be used to replace Elizabeth’s hand painted designs. By using Decals, the firm can, not only increase its capacity (Exhibit 1.1) but also earn more profits by making use of......

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...Category House for Rent Reference Number 20907 Published On March 10,2010 Description 2 Bed Room House for rent in Mount Lavinia,Rs.25,000 per month period of 1or2 years Mount Lavinia, Newly build upstair unit, Fully furnished, fully tiled, Satellite TV facility (Dialog), Two bedrooms, Sitting/Dinning, Pantry, Bathroom with hot water facilities, Separate entrance, Separate electricity, Secure location, 250 meters to Galle Road, No.58/5A, Sri Gunatatne Mawatha, Mount Lavinia, Colombo, Sri Lanka.  More suitable for foreigners. Location - City Mount Lavinia More details about this city Property address No.58/5A, Sri Gunaratne Mawatha Mount Lavinia. Number of Rooms 2 Number of Floors 2 Floor Area (Square Feet) 1200 Convert Area Land area Acres : 0/Perches :7.00 Convert Area Rent Per Month Rs. 25,000 / USD. 223 | | Convert Currency Features | | | » Fully Furnished | | » Satalitte TV (Diolog) | | » Hot Water | | » Separate Entrance | | » Fully Tiled | Property Availablity Immediatly available Advertisment expires In 9 days Contact Details Name Address Gunaratne Mawatha,, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka Contact number 0094 0717303684 Inquiry via Email Send an inquiry Image Gallery (Click on image to enlarge) | | Category House for Rent Reference Number 23791 Published On August 28,2010 Description 3 BR Upstairs House 3 Bed Room Upstairs House for rent in Mount Lavinia, Rs.20,000 / 250 USD per month long term.......

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