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Elephants belong in the wild and not in captivity in Deborah Nelson’s “Cruelest Show on Earth” and Sara Gruen’s Water For Elephants

In the “Cruelest Show on Earth” the author Deborah Nelson states that elephants are extremely intelligent creatures. She also claims that elephants are supposed to be in the wild, and not treated poorly in captivity, which, unfortunately, frequently seems to be the case. In Sara Gruen’s Water For Elephants, the historical fiction characters think that Rosie the show elephant for the Benzini Brothers Most spectacular Show on Earth is stupid, but soon learn that she is actually very intelligent. Jacob Jankowski a main character in the book is a veterinarian and is the first to realize that Rosie is extremely intelligent. Rosie spent most of her time on a train traveling from show to show, or being hit with a bull hook. This is no life for an elephant, and Jacob realized this so he helped save Rosie.
Nelson describes elephants as highly intelligent creatures that develop at a similar rate as humans: “Kenny, a three-year-old Asian elephant, was supposed to perform his usual adorable tricks in The Greatest Show on Earth: identifying the first letter of the alphabet by kicking a beach ball marked with an "A," twirling in a tight circle, perching daintily atop a tub, and, at the end of his act, waving farewell to the audience with a handkerchief grasped in his trunk.” This performance by Kenny shows how extremely intelligent elephants are. This is an extremely challenging task for any animal to complete, yet alone a three year old elephant.
Kenny was clearly sick, she then claims, “In the wild, Kenny would still be at his mother's side, just beginning to wean. In captivity, he was a voracious consumer of water and hay but for the past day or so had showed little interest in either. He seemed listless. Worried attendants…...

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