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Web or Mobile Application Paper
Connie Santos
June 17, 2013
Robert Juszynski

Web or Mobile Application Paper JP Morgan Chase Mobile Bank application is one of the most important applications I have in my iPhone. Chase has created a new way of banking with their application. It is user friendly, it offers amazing capabilities, it is a time and money saver, and it has room for improvement. Chase has brought banking into our hands. The purpose of the application is to make banking for their customers stress-free. With this application customers can deposit checks from their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone. All they do is input the amount of the check, take a front and back picture of the check and click submit. Customers can also view their banking and credit card balances and transaction history. Customers can transfer money between Chase and non-Chase accounts, in different ways. They offer Transfer Money, Wire Transfer, and Chase QuickPay. I just used the QuickPay feature today. My little sister bought my tickets to Lollapalooza so I paid her back through QuickPay. In order for the money to get deposit to her account, we both have to enrolled in the Person-to-Person QuickPay. Once we both signed up, I type her e-mail or phone number and the amount to transfer and submit it. Once sent, she approves the transaction, and it is complete. I am also able to pay bills with the application. This feature is truly helpful; I set up reminders on my phone to remind me of when my payments are due. When my reminder goes off, at that moment I log in to my Chase application and make the payment on the spot. I do not have to wait to get home because if I do I would forget to make it and I am charge with the late fees. Another capability is being able to find the closest branch or ATM near me. All this is possible with a…...

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