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Week 5 Uop Mailmerging Checkpoint

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There are quite a few terms used in the Access database for users with little or no knowledge of the program, I would make available to the customer descriptions of those terms and what to do with them.
Identify common Microsoft® Access® database terms
A table is a group of statistics about a particular subject that is kept in rows and columns. Tables sort all available statistics, like personnel and clients, then stores these categories of facts in a separate table. You can build numerous tables in one database, or combine the statistics in different tables for retrieving the data later
To organize the data in a database, you must segregate the available data and then identify the tables that you must have to store this data.

A record is one row of a table. Records contain ordered facts about an individual, a place, or additional real-world things. For instance an Employee table for a business, every record matches to a specific employee of the business. Any numbers of records can be stored on a table

A field is a column in a table. A field denotes a clear characteristic that is kept for all the records in a table. You can direct up to 255 fields in a Jet table. The description of a field consist of the name of the field, the kind of figures that are stored in the field, and any authentication rules that you must have to confirm the stored data.
Data type

Data type decides what kind of figures that the field can store. Jet data kinds consist of the following:
Text, Memo, Number, Date/Time, Currency, Auto number, Yes/no, OLE object, Hyperlink
To make certain that the Wage field in the Staffs table only has numbers and not text, you would set the data type of the Salary field as Currency.…...

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