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Gen 105

Distance education provides a contemporary means through which the University may expand in aiding others in furthering their education. The Open Learning program is an open admission distance-only mode of study that provides access to degree-credit university courses for individuals who wish to study independently but are not interested in pursuing a degree at the University level at the present time. You may register in the Open Learning program, even if you are registered at another educational institution or program. The Open Learning program extends the academic resources of the University to those interested in personal enrichment, professional updating, or eventual application to a degree program. Open learning program students must complete the same assignments and examinations as those in degree programs and is evaluated using the same standards. Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive the same credit weight as would apply to the degree program.

Students learn just as easily as in the classroom

Access to other students through online communication

A. Personal emails
B. Classroom and group discussion boards
C. Online course chat rooms

Learning of proper etiquette required for posting discussions

Learning computer tools

A. Classroom and group threaded discussion boards
B. Chat rooms
C. Web-site email
D. Coffee shop chatting areas

Accessibility for student and instructor assistance

Technical Support
B. Student and Academic Advisors
C. Financial Aid Representatives

Overall availability and accessibility of higher-education to everyone
A. Students
C. Instructors

You have your different forums were you can post and message and use for different things

Main Forum

This is the primary forum for your class here students and faculty have the ability…...

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